Things to do

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There is an awful lot to do in and around Jimena -the pictures are just a taste- yet the ultimate choice is to do nothing at all. If you go to our Partner Site JimenaPulse you will get a good idea of what we mean. One of the features there is a weekly Upcoming Events calendar that you can consult every Thursday. Forward planning, though, may not be possible as things to do turn up almost daily.

Then again, another of our Partners is JimenaLinks, which is a holding page for all our advertisers. It will tell you about bars and restaurants, shopping, courses, walks, rides and trips you can take – and a lot more. That’s for the daily stuff you need to do and a neat way to find your way around as everything is linked to GoogleMaps.

Don’t go away, there’s more right here on Holidays in Jimena. Check the tabs just below the header picture: Wining & Dining, About Jimena and Out & About will give you plenty of ideas. Enjoy!